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GAX Specimen TM

 Anatomy Brought To Life

Bringing human anatomical specimens to the next level

Global AnatomiX utilizes state-of-the-art contrast and preservation processes to increase human cadaveric visualization and longevity without the use of formaldehyde.

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GAX-SPECIMEN™ are prepared with proprietary contrast and preservation products and processes that enhance medical professionals’ and scientists’ learning experience by extending the value of the anatomical gift.


Key features of GAX-SPECIMEN™:

1. Contain preservatives that significantly decreased harmful chemical exposure and improved environmental and personnel safety.

2. Remain stable for months, with basic care only, allowing for the long-term and multiple uses.

3. Retain normal tissue visual and handling characteristics dramatically improving the experience of working with the specimens.

4. Contain vascular contrast improving both physical and imaging (CT, X-ray, fluoroscopy, MRI, ultrasound, photography, videography) visualization of anatomic structures.  


Global AnatomiX utilizes BriteVu®-GAX, a new contrast agent specifically designed for use in deceased human subjects, that penetrates to the capillary level enabling tissue and vascular visualization not previously available. 


The Global AnatomiX preservation process was designed to avoid the use of formaldehyde, extend the time the specimen can be utilized, and maintain “life-like” qualities of normal human tissue.


All GAX-SPECIMENS™ come complete with BriteVu®-GAX and the preservation technology applied, ready to use.

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By using advanced proprietary techniques, GAX-SPECIMEN™ avoid the use of formaldehyde and many other traditionally used toxic preservation chemicals.  With proper care Global AnatomiX enhanced tissues are maintained for an extended period of time. Tissues remain soft, pliable and maintain similar characteristics to that of “live” tissue while offering an enhanced visualization of anatomic structures.

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The water-based composition of the Global AnatomiX technology allows for a wide array of imaging. GAX-SPECIMEN™ are preserved providing histology compatibility and allow for imaging modalities such as radiography, CT, Digital Fluoroscopy, MRI, ultrasound, photography, and videography.  Vascular anatomy can be viewed more readily with GAX- SPECIMEN™.


GAX-SPECIMEN™ are significantly less toxic than those preserved with traditional methods.  The smell is drastically reduced and there are no noxious fumes, allowing researchers to focus on anatomy and training without the concerns of exposure to formaldehyde.


Founded in 2020 as a joint venture between the Miami Anatomical Research Center (M.A.R.C.) and Scarlet Imaging, Global AnatomiX advances medical education and training opportunities by providing new visualization of anatomical structures, increasing the longevity and use of learning material, and elevating educational standards.

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GAX-SPECIMEN accomplish several key goals of mine:

  1. Significantly reduce the toxicity associated with traditionally embalmed cadavers.

  2. Dramatically increase the versatility and use of donated specimens and tissues.

  3. Improve the learning experience associated with surgical training and anatomical visualization.


These key goals are all in place to help advance science and ultimately improve patient care.  It is very exciting to see these ideas transform into real actions and change medicine - for the better!

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