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Do Preserved and BriteVu®-GAX Perfused specimens contain any formaldehyde?

No, BriteVU®-GAX does not contain formaldehyde or any other toxic materials.  The specimen preservation process also does not involve any formaldehyde and only uses minimally toxic agents.

How can I procure a GAX Perfused specimen?

We will personally work with you and customize the most appropriate solution for your needs.

How can Preserved and BriteVu®-GAX  Perfused Specimens be used?

BriteVu®- GAX Specimens can be used for a wide array of anatomic research and discovery, surgical and technology training.

Anatomic discovery (anatomic locations not previously defined)

Angiogenesis research

Artificial organ and biomaterials development

Cancer development and growth

Cardiovascular health and disease

Comparative anatomy

Delineating vascular anatomy (general)

Dental health and disease

Diabetes research

Tissue development research

Kidney health and disease

Liver health and disease

Mechanical and nonbiologic system evaluation (leaks, damage, flow, etc)

Neurologic health and disease

Organ and system physiology (dermatologic, endocrine, reproductive, etc)

Organ dysfunction/disease state research (dermatologic, endocrine, reproductive, etc)

Respiratory health and disease

Skeletal health and disease

Surgical (spanning all surgical disciplines)

Toxicology research

Transplant research

Trauma, other tissue injuries, and healing

What is BriteVu®-GAX?

BriteVu®-GAX is a terminal high-radiodensity contrast agent specifically designed for the visualization of vascular structures in human cadaveric subjects.  It is water-soluble allowing for a vast array of imaging modalities including MRI, X-Ray, CT, digital fluoroscopy, and ultrasound.

What is the Preservation process?

The proprietary preservation process is used to ensure specimen stability and handling characteristics that mimic live tissue (without bleeding).  Preserved cadavers have no toxic fumes and retain their tissue integrity for several months with basic refrigeration and maintenance in between use.

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